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Tell us about your needs. We can give you an estimate on your savings if you're switching to solar, or schedule an inspection for your home for roofing or solar.  We'll answer all your questions, discuss financial and installation options, and align on a timeline.


We'll have our engineer or technician visit the site. They'll inspect the area and take down the necessary measurements and/or shading analysis. The team will create your home's unique system and schedule an installation date. Helios will handle any city permits for solar and help with you need for roofing.

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Switching Roofs


The Helios team will install your system or roofing and confirm it all looks exactly as planned. Whether it's a new roof or solar installation, or both, we'll make sure it's set up to produce the best energy efficiency results for your home.


For solar installations, the Building and Safety Department will inspect the setup. The Helios team will facilitate the sign-off from your utility company. We'll receive permission to operate (PTO), and turn on the system and confirm its effectiveness.

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